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I play wow and to be honest the best thing ever is to definitely play rated battle grounds in world of warcraft, rated battle-grounds are also known as RBG , rbg’s are definitely something that you should all play because it’s super fun and it really makes you stand out skill-wise because this game is all about skill, you enter a field a competitive environment field where you can fight 10 people at once with a 10 people team which is amazing.

arena boosting to get pets


Some people are really bad at this and they don’t know how to fight or how to deal with all that has to go through when you play this game so what I recommend you to do is to go for a quick easy and safe best wow rbg boost and carry so that you can start playing with the big guys and never be afraid of anything, because they will all be super skilled and it doesn’t mean you won’t be skilled, it just means that you will definitely change the way you play significantly quicker to a better standard.


One thing that stands out when you play these games at this ratings in pvp or also known as player versus player is that you will find yourself getting the best gear ever and everyone will envy you of how good your character looks in that gear and oh the titles, the sweet loving titles are the sickest of the sick, you can get them and just become the best player ever and everyone will bow to your will. This is comparable to like when you get some form of elo boost in league of legends because you will definitely rock the pants off any dude that sees your division and whatever, it’s simply amazing what you can and will do with those ratings on my god yes.

If you are looking for then the best possible thing to do in arenas or in rbg’s or in wow in general like pve as well then I advice you to get your keyboard and some amazing mouse and then start playing the best game ever in the best mode ever ever to enter the fields of battle of rated battle-grounds.

Another thing that help you gear up your character is just getting a full conquest cap in wow because with it you will buy the best of gears and there’s nothing better than gear, yes we all love gear!

You will by just default find yourself  looking for things to do like finding gold or something like that because you will need it to gem and enchant your character and make it be the very best like a pokemon trainer that wants to be nothing but the best.

So to do that what you can do is farm gold like a slave or you can get some professions that will help you make a little bit more gold by selling stuff and trading and whatever, you will learn here RIGHT NOW how to make gold in wow.


Also if you are ever planning on coding a game of some sort, because you love gaming so much, what I suggest you to do is to visit some site like this one learn to code game which will definitely bring you to new horizons on your coding game, please don’t hesitate on going through this if you ever wanna learn how to code a game, being online, offline, virtual, anything, this is the place to go most definitely because it’s just fun!


I hope you have a wonderful time with us in here and please check out all these guys because this is insane value that you will get like you wouldn’t believe, trust me.

Have fun guys.